Leadership Factors That Influence Church Growth for Western North Carolina Churches of God Harold Jordan Liberty University, School of Divinity, 2016 Mentor: Dr. Rick D. Garner The purpose of this project is to identify and describe the essential leadership factors 5 September 2002 . SOME FACTORS THAT AFFECT THE GROWTH OF. When the time for judgment arrives, they will be held accountable. 1. If the leaders don't grow, neither will the church. Personal Invitation. Make no mistake: The quality and health of a children’s ministry program strongly influences families’ views on staying—or leaving—their church. In those churches are the early clues to what future church growth looks like. Depth vs. attendance On the top of these was the Holy spirti who helped the church to grow in spite of presecution and hard times. 1.8.1 Challenges in establishing the church in Africa as African church 12 1.8.2 Challenges relating to social, economic and political issues 13 1.8.3 Challenges facing the church in a … As the younger generation ages, they will not recognize the homogeneous unit principal that was championed in the early years of the church growth movement. We are left with prayer and hope, but no concrete action. One thing that kills church growth is the refusal of its leaders to grow. CATHOLIC AND EVANGELICAL CHURCHES. 4.) Director of PROLADES . church growth emphasis on numbers and programs. The spiritual factos of the rapid growth od the church in the book of Acts were the five pusposes of the church from Acts 2: worship, teaching, discipleship, ministry, evangelism and mission. Babies aren’t the cure-all for church growth, but ministering to, including and loving all the kinds of folks that babies grow up to be — that could be. Church health is an offspring of the church growth movement but sees itself focusing not on the quantity of people in local churches but the quality of the churches themselves. Now is the time to begin preparing how your church will respond to the unique make up of your community. IN LATIN AMERICA . Immorality The skepticism about church growth has led to a shift in focus away from church growth and toward church health. Ignoring the other contributing factors has the unfortunate consequence of breeding complacency: if modern Christians think that the early Church’s growth was “merely” miraculous, then there’s little to learn and nothing to do. A church that wants to grow needs to work to understand the wide and varied situations of people in its community. Here are 7 factors that will drive almost all future church growth. Understanding their unique needs and ensuring their needs are met – within the scope of the vision – is critical to church growth. Church members are one of the key customer groups in a church. An attitude shift from homogeneous to heterogeneous. One of the things that fly under the radar of most growing churches is how much personal invitation fuels church growth (and discipleship). The church grows only in proportion to its leadership. A weak children’s ministry impacts church growth. Care for Church Members. Compiled by Dr. Clifton L. Holland.

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