We know, at least in the southern states, these suspended bass do eat. Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/OVFishing. Two have my favorite Temple Fork fly rod, the lightweight BVK in 6 and 7 weight. He was using a white popper. Reproduction Behavior I can’t stand the thought of dropping a expensive reel and rod overboard, never to be seen again. It was almost 14 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. The water temperature is 38.5 degrees this morning. Also on lakes, a little chop on the water is beneficial. Click the "More Info" Button below. I have always done good on the North Fork of the Little Red on Gulf Mt. Best Smallmouth fishing river in Arkansas? And, let’s be practical. All of my outfits have mid-priced reels, Orvis mid-arbor reels to be specific. During the prime months for smallmouth, I … This selection of fly fishing tackle, is dedicated to fly fishing for smallmouth bass. The sun also plays a vital role in planning a fly fishing trip, especially to a lake or slow moving river. In reservoirs, a smallmouth will grow to be 14 inches in 4 years. Smallmouth bass are members of the sunfish family. You can see these combos, and order one if you like by clicking the link below. So, all of my smallmouth bass outfits have mid-priced Orvis reels, with a sealed disk drag and they are all mid-arbor reels. Some of the bigger river fish Smith has caught in the winter have weighed 4 to 4 1/2 pounds and measured 20 to 21 inches. Account. Their original native range was basically in the Mississippi River and Ohio River basins including Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie … Personally, I've had very little success on late fall/winter smallmouth as im on the shore. You may not need a lot of backing for smallmouth bass, but if you do hook a huge carp, you will. They say fluorocarbon is also less visible to fish. Sometimes a 5 weight is a lot of fun to use for smallmouth bass. Little Tennessee River Smallmouth Bass. If I had one word to describe my vacation to TN. Smallmouth Bass painting Copyright 2015, by Mary K Jenkins. Smallmouth bass are top carnivores and predators. Smallmouth Bass Biology There are four. Their range extended as far South as Tennessee, North Georgia and North Alabama in the Tennessee River watershed. We sell several brands. Smallmouth Bass painting Copyright 2015, by Mary K Jenkins. Fly Fishing For I prefer the BVK, but to me, they both cast about the same. I’ve never found a reason to change, so I haven’t. We keep all of our smallmouth bass rods lined up and ready to go. I would definitely have a reel with the capacity for plenty of backing. Smallmouth Bass Next is the 7 weight. All rights reserved. Caught my personal best smallmouth yesterday kayak fishing, 18 1/2" 4.1 lbs ! If I need a shorter leader, for a very heavy fly, I may shorten the leader, by cutting some material from each end. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) research has shown that a smallmouth bass that lives it’s life in a stream will grow on average to 14 inches by six-years of age. On sunny days, plan on fishing very early and late if your idea of good fishing is using top water flies or sight fishing for the bass. Fly anglers love fishing in shallow water so knowing what the water temperature is helps define what fly fishing tactics to use. Smallmouth Bass Home Smallmouth bass daily limit is two and each must be at least 12 inches long to keep. Growth rates are determined by water temperature and the amount of available food. Notice the thin belly. Steve Hall caught this beautiful smallmouth bass on the French Broad River, in July. The same is true for reels. WMA . We will rig it for you. Little Tennessee River is one of the most beautiful rivers in North Carolina and is one of the best rivers in the state for smallmouth bass fishing. Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Outfits - Free Shipping. The water is deep. Steve was fishing with guide Josh Pfeiffer.

Local little ponds or the Greater Miami River. We always try to choose cloudy days to fish, if possible. The New has a South Fork and a North Fork. Sevierville’s waters will be teeming with … During the months of April, May, and early June, anglers can enjoy some of the best fishing of their lives. So, in closing, I will make it clear, my favorite rod is a 6 weight, and I use it as often as I can. Beautiful would be the word! I use one too, for bluegill mostly. Other streams in the Smokies have similar flows and water temperatures. Those are not the only Natural State waters that harbor good numbers of smallmouth bass, though. The New River is probably the best known, if not the most productive, smallmouth river in NC. Others are partial to fiberglass fly rod, reminiscent of the days when I started this sport. The South Fork is the more popular. I always use 9’ extruded and tapered leaders. All rights reserved. Even down the river there are periods when the river can be too low to float. I use a 7 weight just about every time I fish for smallies. Photo courtesy of Fishes of Wisconsin, John Lyons, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Most fly fishermen reel with their left hand. Believe me, it happens. That will take you to a category, in our online store, specific to smallmouth bass fly fishing, and it features only the tackle, gear and flies I personally use and recommend. Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Copyright 2015 Little River Outfitters, Inc. For now, my favorite smallmouth bass line is the Rio Smallmouth Bass line. 1; Details; TennesseeVolfisher. Steve Hall caught this beautiful smallmouth bass on the French Broad River, in July. If I could have only one, for smallmouth bass it would be s 7 weight, 9’, medium-fast fly rod. They may tire somewhat, but they never quit. They perform well, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. A couple yrs ago I ended up with a 14ft flatbottom for partial payment for some work I did. But, I do pull out some big flies, cast them on the 7 weight at times, and they do catch big fish, like the old saying goes. "The Fish Lady", Townsend, Tennessee, MORE SMALLMOUTH BASS FLY FISHING PAGES The bass finally took the fly. This section of river has it all and historically holds the most diverse fish species of all the Tennessee rivers. Didnt catch alot, but had a white bass surprise. Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Tackle and Outfits by Byron Begley. Most of ours are the Orvis Access mid-arbor reels. Dan Munger of Little River Outfitters with a beautiful smallmouth bass, caught on a fly in the Boundary Waters. I use monofilament leaders for top water fishing because mono does not sink as fast or as deep as fluorocarbon. Steve was fishing with guide Josh Pfeiffer. A trout permit is required to keep trout. Beautiful!! Smallmouth Bass I use Orvis leaders and tippet and have for at least 30 years. If you are partial to a particular brand, like Sage, Temple Fork, Orvis, Winston, or others, pick the rod you prefer in the brand you like. Current breaks, eddies, shoals, ripples are areas smallmouth like to hang out because there's dissolved oxygen and food there. I would not go cheap on the fly line, never. My trout lines are either Scientific Anglers or Rio. Sure, a 7 weight fly rod is probably the most useful. When Paula and I are fishing in our motorized fishing boat, we always have a 5 weight rod with us. 0. They are all 9 feet long. The leaders I use are either 2X or 3X in mono, and 8 pound or 12 pound test in fluorocarbon. Fly Fishing For Typically we’ll float the Little River further downstream around Walland and further down for panfish and smallmouth bass. The bass rose to the fly 2 or 3 times as they watched. Range and Distribution, Smallmouth Bass The bass finally took the fly. Lee Herold. Lake smallmouth bass tend to be bigger than their river cousins so big fish on Missouri Ozark streams are typically 18 to 21 inches long. Favorite smallmouth baits for river scenarios? But, my favorite smallmouth bass fly rod is a 9’ 6 weight. The West Prong Little River offers the opportunity to test your mountain stream fishing skills on wild rainbows and native brook trout. Little Pigeon River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. I don’t know why. I’ve caught a lot of big bass on a 7. Here’s a video of some whopper plopper action from last week up in northern Wisconsin. In fact, one day we were fishing and catching nothing. I like a fly line with a short heavy head for smallmouth bass fishing. Smallies move from shallow water to deep water as temperatures change. Fiberglass rods are making a remarkable comeback. I’ve made that mistake. On cloudy or rainy days, you may find these bass in shallow water all day. All of my smallmouth fly rods are 4 piece, and made from graphite. The idea for the competition happened after Barry Puskas of the Miami Conservancy District discovered the Great Miami River is Ohio’s best river … The Little Pigeon River and its tributaries will be the site of this two-day event that allows anglers to fish from the shore, wading, or from a kayak. Dan Munger of Little River Outfitters holding a nice fly caught smallmouth bass. Tackle I Personally Use. My favorite 6 weight is the BVK. I caught this bass late one day while testing a Game Changer fly. In narrowing that down a bit, I’ve had some memorable days of catching smallmouth bass. For instance, all of my saltwater fly lines are the Orvis brand. These fish never give up. If I am drifting down a river with a guide, I always take a 6 and 7 weight. Their research indicates an adult smallmouth bass is about 8” long at 3 years of age and 15.75 inches at 7 years old. Maybe it is the shape of the fish or the muscle density or maybe it is all attitude. The preferred temperature of smallmouth bass, according to WDNR is between 69 and 79 degrees F. Spawning occurs when the water temperature reaches between 55 to 60 degrees. Fly line brands are a personal choice in my opinion. This is a female bass that has just spawned. Their original native range was basically in the Mississippi River and Ohio River basins including Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Lake Huron. Smallies in rivers may seek structure on river bottoms and lay dormant, not feeding at all when the water is cold. If someone were to paint a picture of a smallmouth angler going after his intended species somewhere in Arkansas, it is highly likely that the brush strokes would reveal one of the mountain streams listed previously. Where I live, in East Tennessee, smallmouth bass may live 15 years and grow to a length of 21 inches or longer. We use small, 1 ½ inch long threadfin shad patterns. A smallmouth bass fingerling. That design helps when I cast heavy flies. SMALLMOUTH LAKES. By the way, I am right handed, I cast with my right hand and I reel with my right hand. In particular, we sometimes encounter a school of bass, attacking minnows in the middle of the lake. These fish have stamina and determination. I use the Rio Smallmouth Bass fly line on my outfits. By luke_haugland March 20, 2006 0. But, lets face it, for smallmouth bass, a hand made reel, with cork drags and a price tag to match is overkill for smallmouth bass. Since we are in the most southern range, the growing season is longer than it is in the northern states. From the confluence of Laurel Creek it runs for about 2 miles along Laurel Creek Road until it merges with the Middle Prong of the Little River and then the East Prong of the Little River at the Townsend “Y”.. Smallmouth bass do best in cooler, highly oxygenated water. I took a chance and didn't drop it overboard. My wife and I just returned home tonight, and we both wish we could go back tomorrow. He was using a white popper. https://youtu.be/xNmxVqg Tackle and Outfits, Online Store Water that is often stained with silt does not provide good smallmouth habitat. The standing world record smallmouth bass was caught in Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee. The “Little T” as we call it locally offers some great wading opportunities. I love reels and have some really nice ones. This fly was so heavy, I used a 9 weight outfit. Little River, Smallmouth Report. A smallmouth bass fly fisherman, needs to understand to some extent, what these fish eat, in the waters being fished. They do not tolerate pollution well. For the money, they can’t be beat. Other companies make excellent leaders and tippet. I also use a floating, weight forward fly line, 90% or more of the time. The smallmouth bass is the official state sport fish. Below Waterville Dam, the Pigeon is a tailwater and considered a trophy smallmouth bass river with fish averaging 1-4 lbs. Up here in Townsend there’s a narrow window where the river is high enough to float without being so high the fishing is tough. If you asked 20 different avid smallmouth bass fly fishermen, which fly rods they prefer, you would probably get 20 different answers. "The Fish Lady", Townsend, Tennessee, MORE SMALLMOUTH BASS FLY FISHING PAGES The bass rose to the fly 2 or 3 times as they watched. Numbers of smallmouth can also be caught on the river during the winter. I like the feel of a 6 weight. The waters, when undisturbed by rain, are emerald green to a tannic clear. Some even have smallmouth bass fly lines. Most new moderately priced reels are saltwater safe these days. Some excellent research on smallmouth bass has been done by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR). Smallmouth Bass Diet This trail is the access to Fish Camp and Goshen Prongs and crosses Little River just above the junction with Fish Camp Prong. You will need a long handled net to land a smallmouth bass, especially when fishing from a boat. I try to keep this simple. When I fish Little River, I always grab the 6 weight, my sling pack, waders and go. We have a wonderful smallmouth bass river, 5 minutes away from our home, called Little River. I was there that day, fishing from a kayak down river, so I missed the show. Smallmouth Bass Home You may have noticed, both of the photos above were taken on cloudy days. They all have a medium-fast to fast action. Smallmouth bass are members of the sunfish family. Little River is flowing at 199 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 1.95 feet on the gauge. Trout daily limit is 5. We sell several major brands of fly fishing tackle at Little River Outfitters. Smallmouth bass are most likely in deeper water when the sun is shining. It wore me out. The rod is a Temple Fork Professional II. If I’m alone in my kayak, fishing for smallmouth bass, I always seem to choose the 6 weight. According to TWRA, smallmouth bass can be found in nearly all of Tennessee’s reservoirs. Copyright Little River Outfitters, Inc. They often feed on threadfin shad that are dying, due to the cold water. If I am wade fishing, I usually choose the 6 weight. We’ve caught smallies on large white poppers, Murdich Minnows, Wiggle Minnows, big foam flies and Tequeely flies. The smallmouth bass is the hardest fighting freshwater fish, inch for inch or pound for pound that swims. Technique casting. You can cast larger flies with a 7, than you can with a 6 or 5 weight. When I began fly fishing in 1962, every reel I saw was made for right hand retrieve and they were not reversible like they are now. I use fluorocarbon when fishing below the surface because, this material is denser, and has greater abrasion resistance. I was there that day, fishing from a kayak down river, so I missed the show. It’s the same with line weights. Smallmouth Bass Fishing: Big Water vs. Small Rivers Streams and river have currents making it easier to find smallmouth. Flowing northward from North Carolina to Tennessee, the Pigeon River itself skirts along the eastern side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and is a particularly generous river when it comes to fishing for Tennessee’s state sport fish — the smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu). Details: Smallmouth Bass. Understanding the effect of temperature on smallmouth bass behavior is essential for the fly fisherman. Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Outfits - Free Shipping You may have the opportunity to use your outfit for saltwater fishing. Dan Munger of Little River Outfitters with a beautiful smallmouth bass, caught on a fly in the Boundary Waters. Smallmouth Bass painting Copyright 2015, by Mary K Jenkins, Being practical, and thoughtful of the fact I may drop an outfit overboard, I assembled the smallmouth outfits I use on the lower end of the price scale for my use. by Bob Jensen In thirty five years of fishing all over the Midwest and much of North America, I’ve had the good fortune to get in on some outstanding fishing action for a wide variety of fish. By Jeff Little I caught my first big river smallmouth in 41-degree Shenandoah River. Make sure your reel is saltwater safe, especially for a 7 weight. I tend to use smaller and lighter flies for smallmouth bass. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website, The Fishes of Wisconsin, reports that a 19 inch smallmouth bass in that state is rare. Median flow for this date is 255 cfs. Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing By dsw1204, July 21, 2019 in Smallmouth Bass Fishing. Smallmouth Bass Biology Smallies live in freestone streams, natural lakes, impoundments and tailwaters where the water is cool and clean. I have gathered a lot of information while researching this project and I found more information from WDNR than any other source. I always tie on my flies using a non-slip loop knot, so the flies have more action in the water. That rod in our boat always has a Puglisi Threadfin Shad tied on. Species Bass. The smallmouth are abundant, and they are large. Jeff Little's third DVD covers all the patterns you need to know to catch river smallmouth during the fall months. Most modern fly line companies make specific bass fly lines. My personal favorites are jerk baits, whopper ploppers, and weedless tubes. The BVK is lighter. I put together some balanced outfits, just like mine on our online store, just to make it easy for you if you are in the market for a very good new outfit that doesn’t break the bank. They were not found east of the Appalachian mountains. Copyright 2015 Little River Outfitters, Inc. During summer months, Duke Power regulates a recreational flow schedule. Tackle I Personally Use. In the Spring, when the water temperature rises to 50 degrees, smallmouth bass become more active by moving into or near spawning areas. For this reason, fishermen and especially fly fishermen love to fish for smallmouth bass. Reproduction Behavior River smallmouth in the fall will move to the shallow gravel banks to feed on minnows in the early morning so Smith will tempt these fish with spinnerbaits, Jewel Bait Company Gem Blades 2.0 rigged with swimbaits, Flukes and topwater lures. You can buy Waterworks-Lamson, or Ross Reels in the same price range and they perform just as well. We may be fishing in deep lakes or rivers, in boats. And, you can cast smaller and lighter flies with the 7 weight too. This fish is 18" long. From Lake Greeson (Narrows) Dam to Ouachita River: But, the fish on the tailwaters eat them up. I don't normally use expensive reels on a lake. Its most fish-able area starts in the New River State Park near Jefferson and then flows northward for more than 50 miles. The bass are more likely to be in shallow water under these conditions and you can get closer to them. Smallmouth bass become lethargic and even dormant when the water temperature drops to around 40 degrees F.  They may suspend in reservoirs where there is no current during the winter. Ever since I caught my first 6 pound smallmouth, I’ve been hooked. Smallmouth Bass painting Copyright 2015, by Mary K Jenkins, The Smithsonian Institution wrote in the 1880s, that the Little Tennessee River was "undoubtedly the most interesting archaeological section in … Smallmouth Bass Diet Some anglers prefer fast fly rods, stiff sticks that cast big flies in the wind well. We sell several major brands of fly fishing tackle at Little River Outfitters. River fishing for smallmouth. Basically, they like cool, clean water.

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