Know when to heat with your mini-splits When a mini-split system is installed, your existing heating system will usually be left in place as a backup. Ductless systems run about 30 percent more than a new ducted system and nearly twice as much as a standalone window AC. You can get a very precise estimate for the cost of installing ductless air conditioning. Dan's decade-long experience as a freelance writer and small business owner has seen him contribute to financial publications including,, MSN Money, Fortune, Motley Fool and others. Compact and portable window and wall units offer an affordable entry-point cooling solution for smaller spaces, while ductless split systems balance economy with efficiency and central cooling is both the most effective and the most expensive of the lot. Cost Of Ductless Mini-Split vs. Central Air. Do you like Free Products? It’s possible to buy the components separately and build a multi-zone AC-only system. How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost? The more powerful and efficient the system, the more it will cost. The cost to run an AC at home varies widely depending on the energy efficiency of the unit, how much you run the AC, the weather and the local cost of electricity per kWh. Multi-zone systems are usually heat pump systems, with a single outdoor unit, and multiple indoor air units.It’s possible to buy the components separately and build a multi-zone AC-only system. The United States Department of Energy reports that the typical American family spends at least $2,200 on energy bills every year. We run 2 Fujitsu mini-splits to do our whole house (all electric). Large, complex systems can cost as much as $13,500 installed. For example,’s headquarters is in Ohio, and the average residential kWh cost is 12.55. How Much Does It Cost to Run AC Units? Most mini split units are heat pumps but be sure to check since some only run in air conditioner mode. DIY-Prohibited: Most air conditioner mini split systems must be installed by a certified contractor with a license to handle refrigerant. It’s rare, but we’ve known it to happen. By transferring heat rather than generating it and by avoiding energy losses associated with ductwork, mini-splits are often more energy efficient than central heating or cooling systems. At an average of 33.45 cents per kWh, you'll pay the most in Hawaii. If you are unsure what each field means, or how to use it, see the detailed explanation below.Once you fill out all fields that correspond to your specifications, click “calculate”. Heat pump unit have what is called a reversing valve that will let it heat or cool. A single 1-ton mini-split averages $1,500 to $2,000, according to an August 2012 report by the DOE. Some long-term investments, such as installing attic insulation, reflective window shades or a smart thermostat, can also reduce cooling costs in the long term. Split System Air Conditioner Running Costs Split system air conditioners are one of the most popular types of cooling and heating systems as they are fairly easy to install and comparatively affordable to purchase. Jump back to these main areas of our website. Direct Energy: How Much Does Central Air Cost? Add two to four hours per additional indoor unit. Mini split AC prices from other sites and costs paid by other readers are found below. It doesn't take an HVAC expert to see that the costs range drastically depending on your setup, but it does take an HVAC expert to say it plainly. The maximum average cost to install a mini split air conditioning system is $2,000. Location matters. After an installation that can cost between $3,000 and $7,000 – or up to $15,000 and beyond if you need to install or repair duct work – the cost to run your central air conditioner will vary by how many watts it consumes, how often you run it and how much your electric company charges per kWh. Here are … According to 2018 estimates from HomeAdvisor, installing a ductless, mini-split air conditioning system clocks in at a national average cost of $2,000, or about $1,300 on the low end and $4,500 on the high end. Warmer and shorter may not sound so nice, but using a ceiling fan may help make up for those few extra degrees. Washington State University: Energy Program: Air Conditioning Cost Calculator. Your email address will not be published. Portable air conditioners are best kept for easy and convenient cooling in smaller rooms. Fortunately, there are more than a few measures you can take to help cut back on cooling costs. In some cases, incentives or rebates are available for those interested in ductless heating systems because they are more environmentally friendly. The average cost of a ductless mini split air conditioner is $3,800, installed by a professional. One thing that's invariable is that running an air conditioner will increase your power bill. Because as few as 4 of them will get you one hour of comfort with the newest Mitsubishi Ductless Split System. On average, a ductless mini-split costs $2,000 to $2,500 to install. Try These Home Projects to stay Busy. Prices include indoor and outdoor units and control. It’s quite interesting to see that running the smallest air conditioners will cost you less than $0.10 per hour. Now that we’ve covered equipment and accessory costs, here are mini split air conditioner installation costs for the required labor. We have baseboards for back-up which helps if guests want to crank the heat in their bedroom for comfort. Did we mention it’s free? Divide that total by 1,000 to find the kWh, then multiply that sum by the amount you pay for electricity per kWh to determine how much it costs you to run your AC for one hour. If you're planning to run an air conditioner at home this summer, you're absolutely spoiled for choice. An air-source heat pump costs $4,000 to $8,000, a geothermal heat pump is $10,000 to $25,000, and a ductless mini-split heat pump runs $1,500 to $3,500 per zone. To enter, just head to our Facebook Page, click the Monthly Contests tab and enter the giveaway. Air conditioners are more expensive to run in areas with high heat and humidity, simply because the machine has to work harder – and use more electricity – to cool the space, but keeping your thermostat set to a warmer temperature for a shorter period will, of course, reduce your AC electric bill. Compared to central air, the same source estimates that these types of split systems are 20-to-60 percent more efficient. Formula: How To Calculate How Much Running An Air Conditioner Per Hour Costs But for about the same cost, you can buy a heat pump package with outdoor unit and 2-8 indoor units and have heat included. We can use mostly the same theoretical factors with a window unit as we did with central air, assuming you're running it for eight hours a day at a national average kWh cost of 13.2 cents. How Much Does a Mini-Split AC Cost? The efficiency rate of a heat pump — as opposed to traditional resistive heat like space or baseboard heaters — is higher because the electricity consumed only powers two fans, the … What Factors into the Cost?

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