This time around, however, we hear the complete story of how Berger converted from Atheism to Christianity and developed a love for sound doctrine. Today on American Gospel Review we will go through some of my opinions on the movie called the American Gospel. It is a wake up. I’m usually not a fan of “Christian” movies. Bart is also the son of well-known evangelical Tony Campolo. With Mike Abendroth, Voddie Baucham Jr., Alistair Begg, Alistair Begg. AG2 demonstrates just how important it is that we think about doctrine and actually plant our feet somewhere. What IS the Gospel, is explored in detail and… Now to what I find unfair: A moving, faithful defense of the true Christian Gospel, This is the most relevant film made in the history of America for Christians, BEST Documentary I've ever seen on Prosperity gospel vs TRUE Gospel of Christ, The best movie exposing the dangers of the prosperity gospel. Maybe some of the people involved had good intentions, but I can't confirm that this is a well done documentary. American Gospel: Christ Crucified (hereafter referred to as AG2) is a documentary which explores the doctrine of the atonement through the lens of three people’s faith journeys. Posted on February 1, 2019 February 1, 2019 by Doug Eaton “This is the best clarifying juxtaposition of truth and prosperity preaching I know of. 'American Gospel' Book critic Maureen Corrigan reviews American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers, And the Making of a Nation by Jon Meacham. This documentary pulls those masks off. This should have come out 5 years ago before the obession of bethel took over. It takes you directly into Scripture to support its viewpoint. | Kris Schaal is the Associate Pastor at Life Point Baptist Church , Apple Valley, CA. I almost never watch "Christian" movies but this one is really different; it's a very touching and emotional movie without being corny and manipulative. Greear, Trevin Wax, Matt Chandler, Bryan Chapell just to name a few.) Everything that makes Christianity what it is is from the Bible. Though parts of the documentary almost become “gotcha” moments as the tricks or failings of the prosperity celebrities are exposed, the overall tone of the two hour movie is more Four Corners than A Current Affair . I will leave you with this: Any church with a concern for sound doctrine would do well to show this film to their whole congregation. The prosperity gospel is a heresy that is leading people away from Christ. Eventually, Childers came to understand the true gospel and particularly the centrality of Christ's penal substitutionary atonement. Gave a clear message of the true gospel! This movie accurately depicts the Gospel as presented in God's word and shows the history, absurd growth, and danger that is the Word of Faith movement and how it cannot be the true gospel. Within the first week it had been released, I had watched the film 4 times. And believe me, AG2 is anything but boring. In many peoples' eyes our country has made a … This film exposes the false god of Progressive Christianity, not through invective or straw man arguments, but by simply comparing the statements of its proponents with those of Scripture. By Elizabeth Prata American Gospel: Christ Alone explores the core question of Christianity, 'What is the gospel?' It presents a huge problem with Christianity today as not being biblical within this stream of Word of Faith/Prosperity gospel. American Gospel: Christ Alone Review – Very good and shares the truth about the prosperity preaching, health and wealth, name it, word of faith and claim it movements. Spanning nearly the whole of US history, his book begins with the Founding Fathers, returning to them frequently, and ends by discussing the Reagan period, and the eras in between. From the very well explained theological components to the amazing soundtrack, this project was very well done with a broad range of interviews that touch every aspect false teachings that contrast the Gospel. I have watched this and will watch it again. 10:4–5). The documentary American Gospel: Christ Alone (2 hours 19 minutes) produced by Brandon Kimber is a defense of the gospel from the perspective of the conservative evangelical movement. Does that Aug. 19 Rapture come? I noted this in my review of the first American Gospel film, but it bears repeating, Kimber’s skill in pulling together so many disparate interviews into a single storyline without relying on the glue of narration is simply masterful.

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