... Their skill bonuses reflect more of a Battlemage than any other race. They are very unique, I love their lore, plus I love their increased Magicka. April 2011. They start with good magic, and they have that whole +8% speed and damage thing. Bretons make up the peasantry, soldiery, and magical elite of the feudal kingdoms that compete for power. ... For starters, go with the Breton character because that race is very adept at magic. That depends on what kind of a character you create.. something like this, Warrior. This magician runs around the enchanted armor, shreds opponents with one-handed weapons, deceives the mind and tears apart destructive magic. This race has all unique hairstyles, and with beards. Technically any build can be considered a battlemage already. The Oblivion class Battlemage speicalizes in Magic and has the following attributes: Intelligence, Strength. Also, very easy to increase. Oblivion Battle Mage. Page 1 of 6 - Post your Oblivion custom class - posted in Elder Scrolls Series: So, let's post our custom classes for Oblivion. This huge game-wide patch fixes 1,800 bugs and glitches, from the minor animation glitches to the floating rocks, holes in the floor, and see-through wall. sorry for the double post btw. Each race falls into three different subcategories: human, mer, and Beastfolk.Of all the races in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, there are ten playable races open to the Hero of Kvatch, the game's protagonist. I got an argonian battlemage that start out as a dual-wielder but then uses magic. Unofficial Oblivion Patch. Table of Contents. They change color with hair. New skillines (spellbook) New class (battlemage) ...2021 . It is a lot of fun for people to be able to make custom spells, scrolls and weapons. In the Mod are two new races RedguardMales "Redguard Male" [RACE:01012D81] and RedguardFemales "Redguard Female" [RACE:0100F015] And the vanilla Readguard race gets new body and head textures. I'm thinking Dunmer, Altmer, or Breton (what a suprise), but I'm open to other races if you know of any that are good for the class (I'm going to be making my own class. The class Battlemage has the following skills: Alchemy, Alteration, Blade, Blunt, Conjuration, Destruction, Mysticism. Or create your own class but with all the same things as Battlemage except combat being your primary. Skills: Destruction- For obvious reasons. Then select Battlemage class if your primary magic. As for the battlemage. Here is the build I use for my Breton battlemage: Birthsign: The Mage Specialization: Magic Attributes: Endurance- An absolute must, as this brings up your health. Bretons are the human descendants of the Aldmeri-Nedic Manmer of the Merethic Era and are now the inhabitants of the province of High Rock.They are united in culture and language, even though they are divided politically, for High Rock is a fractious region. Imperial Legion Battlemages use spells from the School of Destruction and the School of Restoration. I think the best race for a Mage in Oblivion is definitely Breton. In Oblivion, I consider the Khajit the best race. Warden: Battlemage that uses frost magic or nature magic. Battlemage is a class in various Elder Scrolls games. Oblivion's class description of a Spellsword ... A Battlemage on the other hand is a ... which means Fireball, and you're off to the races. All the skills etc. ... Info Races Signs Classes Skills. Dragonknight: A battlemage that uses fire magic. Good Battlemage/Spellsword race? He prefers to run alone because the draft animals and teammates only get in the way. 0 0. Some races are more similar than others, while some are vastly different. James. Consider using the MAge constellation so you get an early and permanent bonus to your magicka. Avoid the trap that killed him and head to Nenyond Twyll Riellesel. Should i be a nord, brenton, ... only by being HIT by magic can u restore it. The armor's stats are based on legion armor; a bit weaker and lighter in places. Nothing like a professional battlemage, eh? New race. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game Guide & Walkthrough. It was in Oblivion. when wearing all light armor. They are 50% resistant to shock, have +75 magicka, are 75% resistant to disease, and have a night-eye ability. It was in Morrowind. High Elf is what I used. (Oblivion on 100% is just tedious, but also hard yes). I think any elf race will be good to build with. Stat Ratio: 2 : 2 : 1 (Every 5 Levels until you have 200 stamina, after that just add the rest to Magicka) (This is going to be a little harder to wrap your head around BUT please hear me out. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for XBOX 360 Battlemage Character Build by nnepveu (nepveun | Google Mail) The Battlemage is a power character. Race is a classification used to categorize beings with similar phenotypical traits. They can regenerate Magicka fast and they are also resistant to Magicka when attacked. Just started Oblivion and my mage is having some trouble. Midas Magic: Adds over 50 spells. Willpower- Speeds up your Magicka regeneration. Wed Nov 12, 2008 11:23 pm. If you take my advice for the race at face value, ... Race: Khajit. Re: Best race for a battlemage Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:07 pm If it was me, I would choose Dark Elf, personally because they look cool (red eyes ftw) and because, as ParanoidAndroid posted, they have a high fire resistance. It doesn't really matter what race, really. There is no prize in Oblivion for creating the most badass character, so I say pick whatever race you like the best and don't worry about how well it synergies with your classes abilities. The Battlemage concept: Just looking at the battlemage avatar I picture a accomplished warrior. "Able to resolve most conflicts with either spell or sword. ... BUT,in the end if you are a battlemage you will have both maxed where as if you go just as a mage youll probably only have magic maxed. You get the incredible wind walker perk, which increases stam regen by 50% (!!) You can roleplay a orc merchant on "Master" difficulty and still have a easy time, so play what you think sounds awesome, and looks cool. Prev 1 2 ... Race of dremora makes zero sense also so wouldn't hold my breath for any of it. Sovrath Member Legendary Posts: 29,194. Source(s): https://shrinke.im/a0Vb5. So now continue on and train yourself as directed. And 8 new hairs. Lethon Roosevelt. In Skyrim, however, it is the worst race. The hood, gloves, and cuirass have common enchantments. Range Suggested races: Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Argonian, Khajit. The magic the battlemage imbues is restricted to elemental damage, and the temporary "enchantment" reduces your maximum magicka with a fixed percentage as a cost to keep the spell up (lets call it a concentration penalty). You can be trapped in one of several set play styles, mage, archer, and warrior for example, but Skyrim’s levelling system allows you to mix and match the skills needed to create a battlemage. As above I struggled on whether I should get an Orc or a High Elf. There's nothing in Oblivion that is "pure" one way or another. So on like that. Imperial Legion Battlemages are battlemages used by the Imperial Legion to keep order at the Imperial City, Arcane University, they also serve as guards there. Any race is good for it, honestly min-max is waste in Skyrim as it is ten times easier than Oblivion on 100%. My first character was an Orc Battlemage and I had absolutly no problems frying countess guards. To sum up, a Battlemage casts spells first and foremost in combat, a Spellsword uses Desruction magic to enhance physical combat. Class: My Battlemage Specialization: Magic Attributes: Intelligence, Willpower Skills:Blade, Block, Light Armor, Destruction, Restoration, Conjuration, Illusion I personally love Altmer. The heavy armor tree is bloated with wasted perks such as: fist of steel and cushioned which provide no benefit to a two handed battle mage and simply waste your perk points. Yet another take on the imperial battlemage armor, this one is a re-texture of LupusMentem's Rogue Battlemage Armor to match the mage robes. Many other games don’t make this way of playing easy for you. Race: Breton: With Their Dragonskin ability to absorb 50% of all magic, and a racial ability of +25% magic resistance, Bretons make a great race for hybrid and mage like build. Oblivion's leveling process is a fairly complex process to fully understand (a good starting point is UESP's Leveling page), but essentially it happens because of two aspects of Oblivion's design: The potency of all monsters is tied to your character's level. He/She uses an axe that can be imbued with magic on the go. They are a deadly mix of scholar and soldier." This is the battlemage's primary way of dishing out the hurt. I don't believe in mod copyright. This unofficial patch is essential for getting into Oblivion Nexus on PC. They're probably going to make Oblivion gates a new … The goal is to … And then all Redguard NPCs are in the esp, some use the new races but some use the vanilla race. RoboZygo 9 years ago #3. This race is good for characters who wish to play as a Battlemage. Race/Gender: Dark Elf (Dunmer) / Male Reason: Dunmer have 75% resistance to fire, which is really helpful in the planes of Oblivion. OK go through all the stuff and then be born under the sign of the Thief. There are two different beard styles, short and long. Flame spells deal extra burning damage, frost spells damage the target's Stamina, and shock spells damage thâ ¦ my first game was oblivion, so far that's the only other game in the series i've played other than skyrim. I'm not sure if they fit this race … But be careful as high elves are much more susceptible to … Here, I list my reasons for thinking the Breton is the best race for most player types (assassin, battle mage, warrior, thief) by comparing it to the other races. 0 0. Three battlemages wear a helmet, while the fourth just wears a hood. Race. there. Oblivion battlemage help!? :D. User Info: RoboZygo. They use fire, frost, lightning, and healing spells. There are no useless perks in the light armor tree. Hi, i want to make a really good battlemage on oblivon but i need some help.

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